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Enjoy a retirement to remember in Buckinghamshire with equity release. Here at Access Equity Release, our specialist advisers are ready to get to know you and your needs, so they can offer expert, independent advice that is tailored to your individual circumstances. Our friendly and trusted service is always focused on getting the right outcome for you.

Owning a home will have taken a lifetime to achieve, so it is essential that we give you the attention this decision deserves. Equity release enables homeowners to raise capital from their homes and there are different ways of achieving this.  These schemes can be called lifetime mortgages and home reversion schemes and the most popular type of plan is a lifetime mortgage.

A lifetime mortgage allows you to take out a loan, secured against your home. You can receive the money either in one lump sum or use a drawdown facility. The interest can be allowed to roll up and added to the cost of the loan or it can be paid monthly, as you prefer.  The loan is then  repaid after your property has been sold when you die or go into long term care.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are members of the Equity Release Council. We were awarded the ‘Best Equity Release Adviser 2019’ by Moneyfacts last year  and are proud of our reputation for excellence.

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Access lifetime mortgages in Buckinghamshire

A lifetime mortgage, which is sometimes called a retirement mortgage, is the most popular type of equity release. The amount you can borrow will depend on factors such as your age and the value of your property. Use our equity release calculator to see how much money you could release from your property.

The advantages of lifetime mortgages include:

  •  a great deal of flexibility and there are many different products, all of which have different features.
  • With all lifetime mortgage, your property remains your own.
  • There are many safeguards built into plans to protect consumers All the plans that we recommend always have a no equity release guarantee, which means the amount you owe will never be more than the value of the property.
  • You will not have to make monthly interest repayments, unless you want to.
  • All cash is tax-free and you can use it as you wish.
Equity release in Buckinghamshire
Equity release in Buckinghamshire
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Thinking about releasing equity in Buckinghamshire? A property market overview

If you are considering releasing equity in Buckinghamshire, you may wish to know more about how your property may have increased in value over the years. As far as investments go; property has always been one of the favourite and safest ways to save money and Buckinghamshire has long been considered a very desirable place to be. With stunning scenery, countless historic landmarks, close commuting connections to London, there are countless reasons why it so popular.

According to Rightmove, in 2020 properties in the county fetched an overall average price of £424,000. The majority of sales were detached homes, selling for an average price of just over £620,000, with semi-detached homes selling for £359,000. According to Zoopla, the most expensive area to live are around the Chilterns. This includes Beaconsfield and Chalfont St Giles (with average property prices of over £1million), Gerrard’s Cross (with an average property price of £979,000), Great Missenden (with an average property price of £759,00), and Amersham (with an average property price of £739,00). During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people looked to move out of London to Bucks for more space and countryside on the doorstep, pushing the property prices up further.

If you are thinking about equity release or have questions about whether it could be right for you, we can visit your Buckinghamshire property and tell you more about the process and discuss your individual circumstances. There is no obligation to proceed and this meeting is always completely free of charge.

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Why release equity in Buckinghamshire?

If you have owned your property for a long time, the chances that you will have built up a sizeable amount of equity. If you are thinking about equity release in Buckinghamshire, talk to us. Many people simply want to release funds so they can enjoy a more comfortable and hassle-free retirement.

Some other reasons include:

  • To make property improvements, such as installing a new kitchen
  • To pay for care at home or private medical treatment
  • To go on a cruise, safari or once-in-a-lifetime holiday or to be able to travel more frequently
  • To be able to pay off your current mortgage or other debts
  • To help children with the costs involved in going to university, getting married, or buying their first home
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Why conversations around equity release in Buckinghamshire are important

Equity release can be sensitive and it can have an impact on both the value of your estate and other factors, which is why it is so important to include your beneficiaries in the conversation. We can answer your questions and theirs, so you are always fully-informed.

We visit clients throughout Buckinghamshire and are always happy to organise a video or phone consultation if you would prefer that. We will help you understand the different products available, steps involved, and whether it is the right choice for you.

Equity release will not only affect the value of your estate and therefore the amount of inheritance you will be able to leave but it may impact other benefits you may be entitled to such as pension credit, council tax support, or universal credit. Read our blog: Does equity release affect pension credit?

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    Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about equity release in Buckinghamshire.

    With a lifetime mortgage – the most popular type of equity release plan – you will always remain the owner of your property. A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your Buckinghamshire home.
    To be eligible for equity release in Buckinghamshire you must fall into a handful of criteria. These include: You must be over 55; you must be a homeowner and own property in the UK; and your property must be worth a minimum of £70,000. The minimum age and property value will vary between product providers.

    Yes, an interest-only lifetime mortgage allows you to make monthly repayments. As long as you keep up with these payments, the amount you owe will never increase. Unlike conventional mortgages, the interest rate for lifetime mortgages can be fixed for life.

    Releasing equity from your Buckinghamshire home will not affect your state pension, but could affect other means-tested benefits that you may receive in retirement, including pension credits, council tax benefits, and savings credit.
    Equity release is based on your Buckinghamshire property and age and as long as you meet the eligibility criteria, your credit history will not affect your ability to take out an equity release plan.

    No, not if you do not want to. With a lifetime mortgage, there are typically no monthly repayments to make as the loan, plus rolled-up interest, is repaid when the plan comes to an end.  This is usually when the mortgage holder passes away or moves in to full time care.  If there are two mortgage holders then this happens when both have passed away of moved into care.

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