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Having worked within financial services since 1987 and from a family steeped in financial services, banking and accounting. He is driven to ensure his clients benefit from the most comprehensive and best priced products and solution at all times.

Based in South Worcestershire he has been servicing clients’ equity release and protection needs in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and West Midlands region for many years.  Nick prides himself on offering practical, timely solutions to meet his clients’ various requirements.

“There is a lot to think about before entering in equity release but I will answer all of your questions and ensure that in doing so, you make your decision fully informed whatever you choose to do”


Nick Chessman

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If you are like many other homeowners in Cheltenham, Swindon, or Charlton Kings, it is likely that your home has seen a huge increase in its value over the years. Our qualified equity release brokers can help you to understand more about over 55 home loans and other equity release products and give you independent and impartial advice.

What is equity release? Equity release is a way for people, aged over 55, to release tax-free funds from their homes, without having to move. Later life planning is an important process and we aim to offer professional and helpful guidance around your finances and equity release. If you wish to unlock the money tied up in your home, we can search across the whole of the market to find the right equity release products for you.

  • Available to homeowners aged 55
  • Release tax-free cash tied up in your home
  • Get expert and impartial advice from equity release experts
  • Access Equity Release will help you consider all your options
  • Access to other financial products, including residential mortgages
  • No pressure to go-ahead and a jargon-free approach so you can make a decision in your own time
  • Use our equity release calculator to get an idea of how much you can borrow

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Why Access Equity Release? We offer equity release advice near Swindon

Here at Access Equity Release, we offer advice and assistance around releasing equity to clients in Swindon, Cheltenham, Leckhampton, and the surrounding areas. We can visit you in your home or we can offer video and telephone consultations if you prefer.

Equity release is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the industry body that protects consumers. We are authorised and regulated by the FCA. We are also proud members of the Equity Release Council, which regulates the sector and promotes high standards for consumers and awareness. One of the safeguards is a no-negative equity guarantee, so you will never owe more than your home’s worth. You can also choose plans that guarantee that some inheritance for your loved ones is protected.

Equity release plans have many different features and we can personalise a plan to suit you. We also communicate openly and clearly and encourage clients to make important decisions regarding equity release in their own time.

explainer video thumb - Equity Release Advisers in Cheltenham
explainer video thumb - Equity Release Advisers in Cheltenham

Reasons to consider releasing equity in GL50

Many people are nervous about equity release and this is why it is crucial to understand these financial products. There are many common myths associated with equity release such as not being able to move. This is not true because some lifetime mortgages can be transferred to new properties. Some people also believe you cannot pay it off early but there are flexible product lifetime mortgages that allow partial repayment each year without incurring early payment fees. These are just two examples.

Peoples’ reasons for wishing to release equity vary but these are a few common wishes such as:

  • To be able to make home improvements, such as installing a new kitchen or bathroom
  • To be able to pay off any credit cards, existing loans or mortgages
  • To travel more or take a dream holiday
  • To purchase a holiday home in the sun
  • To help your children get onto the property ladder or with education costs
  • To be able to enjoy a stress-free retirement and have more disposable income
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Lifetime mortgages in Cheltenham

Lifetime mortgages are by far the most popular form of equity release in Cheltenham. This loan is repaid when you die or enter long-term care. Interest is either added to the loan or you can pay back all or some of the interest every month. It is not set for a fixed term and you can access the money in a tax-free lump sum, or use a drawdown facility. Read our blog on the difference between a lifetime mortgage and a lifetime lease.

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    Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about equity release.

    With a lifetime mortgage – the most popular type of equity release plan – you will always remain the owner of your property. A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home.

    To be eligible for equity release you must fall into a handful of criteria. These include: You must be over 55; you must be a homeowner and own property in the UK; and your property must be worth a minimum of £70,000. The minimum age and property value will vary between product providers.

    Yes, an interest-only lifetime mortgage allows you to make monthly repayments. As long as you keep up with these payments, the amount you owe will never increase. Unlike conventional mortgages, the interest rate for lifetime mortgages can be fixed for life.

    Releasing equity from your home will not affect your state pension, but could affect other means-tested benefits that you may receive in retirement, including pension credits, council tax benefits, and savings credit.

    Equity release is based on your property and age and as long as you meet the eligibility criteria, your credit history will not affect your ability to take out an equity release plan.

    No, not if you do not want to. With a lifetime mortgage, there are typically no monthly repayments to make as the loan, plus rolled-up interest, is repaid when the plan comes to an end.  This is usually when the mortgage holder passes away or moves in to full time care.  If there are two mortgage holders then this happens when both have passed away of moved into care.

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