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If you’re looking for 100 per cent impartial and independent advice from equity released specialists in Exeter, then call the team at Access Equity Release. We are authorised to advise on all types of equity release schemes and mortgages, although the most common type of equity released product is a Lifetime Mortgage. Many people are nervous around the subject of equity release, although with the right advice and in the correct circumstances these products can offer financial security for many years to come.

Our team of professional FCA-authorised equity release advisors has access to the whole of the equity release market to find the right plan and provider for your circumstances. We can answer questions, discuss the wider implications of retirement mortgages, and provide professional advice and guidance at every stage of the process.

Equity release is not necessarily the right choice for everyone and we have access to other products including residential mortgages and retirement interest-only mortgages.

  • Our equity release specialists have the expertise and personal touch of a local business, so you will always speak to the same person, who can make your financial goals a reality.
  • We are completely independent and can search the whole of the market to tailor solutions to your individual needs and simplify what can be a complex process.
  • We are open, helpful, and transparent right from the start about the potential implications of equity release and how much you will pay. Our advisors will discuss your wider financial circumstances to gain a clearer understanding of your financial needs and priorities for later in life.
  • We will also encourage you to discuss our recommendations with family before making any decisions. We give you the time and knowledge that you need in order to make an informed decision.
  • We are members of the Equity Release Council, so all products we recommend have a ‘no-negative equity guarantee’. This means you will never owe more than the value of your home and your beneficiaries will not be left with any debt.

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Typical features of lifetime mortgages in Exeter

Would you like to stay in your home in Exeter and release equity? Equity release is an alternative to downsizing and means you can stay in your home until the end of your life or until you move into long-term care. There are two main types: Lifetime mortgages and home reversion schemes but lifetime mortgages are the vastly more popular choice.

Typical features of a lifetime mortgage include:

  • Interest is rolled up and added to the overall debt, meaning there is no need to make monthly repayments, although you can do so if you wish to and interest rates are low.
  • Because no monthly payments need to be made, the mortgage is not underwritten on personal affordability but is based on the value of your home.
  • Unlike a residential mortgage, the interest rate is fixed for life.
  • Under the terms of a lifetime mortgage, you still own your home and will continue to do so until you either die or move into long-term care. Read our blog on: Do I own my home with equity release?
  • The cash raised from equity release is tax-free.
  • Lifetime mortgages often fall into two categories those in which you withdraw a lump sum at the outset, or a ‘drawdown’ mortgage when you can release a certain amount of equity at a time and will only ever pay interest on the money received.
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Your Exeter property: Why equity release could be an option for you

If you’ve owned your home in Exeter for a number of years, it’s likely to be worth significantly more than you paid for it. It’s not surprising then that a number of residential homeowners over the age of 55 are looking for ways in which their home can boost their retirement finances. Your home is likely to be one of your biggest investments and can be viewed as part of any wealth that you may have built up over the years, such as savings or pensions. Exeter has long been a popular place to live and the city offers a wealth of opportunities and benefits to homeowners. Near to the coast and surrounded by countryside, it also offers all the amenities of city-living and has great transport connections.

Rightmove states that in 2020, the average house price in Exeter was just over £300,000. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of just over £300,000, with detached homes fetching £435,000. In 2020, prices were up 2 per cent on 2019 and 3 per cent on 2018. According to a Zoopla report, house prices have been driven by the demand for homes in Exeter. In July 2020, this demand had increased by 113 per cent from a year before.

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Later-life mortgages in Exeter: How is the money used?

Here at Access Equity Release, we come face to face with people every day who are looking for ways to boost their finances. Sometimes when you are retired it can be hard to access the money you need via standard mortgages or loans where you need to meet certain repayments.

Here are some of the reasons people choose to release equity from their Exeter homes:

  • To help family and friends with weddings or education costs
  • To assist with home improvements, such as extensions or kitchen or bathroom renovations
  • To assist with day-to-day living costs and regular bills
  • To fund travelling and holidays
  • To make large purchases, such as buying in a holiday home or new car
  • To pay for private medical costs or care at home
  • To clear an existing mortgage or pay off debts
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