If you are keen to investigate equity release, how to choose your equity release adviser?  There is a great deal of choice. You will need to share a lot of information with your adviser and feel comfortable asking questions. Therefore choosing the right adviser is important. We’ve put together a checklist of what we think makes a good adviser. 

Financial Conduct Authority 

Before the meeting takes place you should double check that the equity release adviser is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is permitted to advise on equity release. We also recommend that your adviser is a member of the Equity Release Council.

How many lenders? 

It makes a difference to the information you receive from your adviser if your adviser works with selected lenders only. We recommend an adviser that can search the widest possible range of lenders to find the right deal for you. 

Face to Face 

You may decide it is more beneficial to meet with your adviser in person. Equity release is a big decision, and you and your adviser will need to work together without distractions to go through everything thoroughly. We prefer face to face advice with our clients at Access Equity Release.  

Welcome Family Members 

A good adviser will have no problem if you want family members to be involved as it’s a decision that can affect everyone. Inheritance is a factor that many families wish to discuss together and you should take specialist advice if you want to release equity from your home and also leave an inheritance to beneficiaries.  

Free Consultation 

Many firms, including Access Equity Release, offer a free initial consultation. This should be stated on their company website but is worth double-checking the first time you contact them in order to confirm you won’t receive any charges for meeting with an adviser.  


A good adviser should really take time to understand you so that they can advise you the best long-term solution for your unique financial situation. They should be open to alternatives, and not pressure you into thinking equity release is your only option.